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Nemato If It's Water, Inc. is now the Northeast Distributor for Nemato National Line High Rate Sand and Atlas Regenerative Media Filters.

New Additions to the Family
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3001 Usa Dolphin HD: Call for Quote
HD Usa If It's Water is also a factory trained authorized service center for these units. Please feel free to call our office with any questions or to set up an onsite demonstration.
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A Pennsylvania based company dedicated to commercial swimming pools, fountains, zoo exhibits, and other large bodies of water. "IIW" has offered the finest lines of commercial equipment for the past 16 years.

Equipment supply, design, and on site services are what we are about. We are NOT a web based company. If you do not already know us - one of us would like to shake your hand and tour your facility or concept before the week is out.

Page through our site - see what we have to offer you, but most importantly pick up the old fashioned phone and call. Our toll free number will put you in touch with some talented and experienced people. If you are with in 150 miles of the Philadelphia area, we would welcome an invitation to your site. You're welcome to stop by and tour the If It's Water offices - our door is always open.

Water features are unique - so is If It's Water, Inc.